The winery today and its symbol, the yoke

Even today, despite the passing of time, family memory and tradition are still very much alive. One of Francesco’s famous yokes, sculpted and decorated to ennoble the lives of his contemporaries, has remained with the Francesco and Mario Vacca Winery, becoming its official symbol.

Today, the winery is identified by its yoke emblem, present on the label of every bottle, and uniting the present generation with those of the past.

Since 1958, the winery has slowly and steadily expanded its vineyards until the present day, and now possesses seven hectares, all situated in the prestigious Barbaresco hills. The winery is still there, at the foot of the Ovello hill, but has been thoroughly modernised using the latest technology. What was once done slowly, ploddingly and with intensive use of labour, is now performed smoothly, surely, and in far less time.

Saverio Vacca, the present owner, runs the winery together with his father, Mario, and mother, Mariarosa. They are proud and satisfied with all that has been done and especially of their yoke symbol that binds them to their past and to their founder, Francesco.

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