Seven hectares of vines cultivated with passion

“The earth is Mother”, is a saying here. Saverio Vacca is convinced of this, but takes the saying a little further, adding “if you give to the earth, she will surely reward you”.

This is the philosophy of the wine maker who aims for a balanced relationship with his land and environment, and who, year after year, as he gently reshapes the landscape with his vines and vineyards, knows that they are the heritage for future generations and that, as such, must be treated with the greatest respect.

The winery’s vineyards are all situated within the prestigious Barbaresco area, but are to be found on different hills, each with its own ‘Additional Geographical Mention’, or ‘Menzioni Geografiche Aggiuntive’, including the Ovello, Montefico,Montestefano and Rabajà hills. The position of each hillside and its exposition to the sun lend differing characteristics to the grapes and, therefore, also to the wine, thanks to the variations in micro-climate and terroir that make this corner of Piedmont so special.

All phases of viticulture, including pruning and harvesting, are enthusiastically and professionally performed. Over the years, much has been learned with regards techniques and technology applied to grape cultivation, as has the desire to safeguard this very special land and its marvellous produce. In this way, we can be sure to protect future generations while maintaining traditional values.

“There is nothing as lovely as a well-hoed vineyard, its vines neatly tied back and their leaves healthy, a vineyard that emanates the scent of baked earth under the August sun. A well-worked vineyard is like a healthy body, it is a living, breathing, transpiring organism. Every vineyard makes its mark and it’s a pleasure to rest your eye on it”.

From ‘La luna e i falò’ by Cesare Pavese.

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