Round hazelnut from Langa

The Saverio Vini farm has owned a land of 2 and a half hectares of wheat for a long time, when in 2016 Saverio Vacca came up with the idea of enhancing this land with a more noble and typical culture of the Langhe.

So it was that he decided to convert this land by planting 1000 hazelnut trees, of the round kind trilobed variety. This hazelnut grove now in full production is located in the municipalities of Barbaresco and Neive, at the bottom of the valley and borders the vineyards owned by Saverio Vacca.

The farm takes care of all the work up to the collection and selection of the hazelnuts which are then taken to the laboratory for the final processing, shelling, roasting and packaging in transparent vacuum bags.

265 / 5.000 Risultati della traduzione star_border Now all the customers of the Saverio Vini company can buy and taste its toasted hazelnuts by buying them in 500 gram packs, sold directly in the company or on the page to order the wines which can be reached by clicking on Order Saverio’s wines. They are fabulous to combine with the tasting of Saverio Vacca’s wines.

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