Wines that reflect terroir and tradition

Here, in the little Vacca family winery, situated at the foot of the Barbaresco village hill tradition and modernisation have joined forces to create the perfect atmosphere and a product aimed at satisfying the objectives of quality, respect for the environment and the safe-guarding of the health of their clients.

The size of the winery is related to a reduced production of Barbaresco, owing to the winery’s allegiance to the Barbaresco Cooperative and the fact that most of their Nebbiolo for Barbaresco is vinified there.

The winery produces six wines, including four DOC ones: Barbera d’Alba, Dolcetto d’Alba, Langhe Rosso and Langhe Arneis, and two without specific mention, a youthful Rosé called Arcadia and a fragrant red known as Morej.


rosé wine, Nebbiolo and Freisa grapes

Barbera d’Alba

red wine

Langhe Arneis

white wine

Langhe Nebbiolo

red wine


red wine, Nebbiolo grapes

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